Essex Views - a photographic record of Essex Churches, Coastal & Rural Scenery and Nature

While out exploring the countryside of Essex we have taken a huge number of photographs that we wanted to share. So Essex Views was set up as a sister site to Essex Walks, dedicated mainly to images of Essex churches, rural and coastal scenes, villages and the natural wildlife and surroundings of Essex. Essex comes in for a lot of stick in social media. The cliches of Essex girls, or the air-headed orange people of TOWIE, don't do justice to the rich history and architecture of the county, or the stunning beauty of its landscape. Essex has the longest coastline of any county in England. Over 350 miles of coastline include bleak but beautiful beaches, marshs teaming with wildlife, and the busy river traffic of the Thames Estuary. Essex has the largest barn in the world (at Cressing) and the oldest wooden church at Greensted, near Ongar.

Since the Celtic Queen Boudicca led the Iceni and Trinovantes tribes in battle against the invading Roman army in 60 AD, Essex has been subjected to later Viking, Saxon and Norman invasions. This history is imbued everywhere in the landscape and surviving buildings - from churches to fortifications. More recently, pillboxes litter the riverside meadows to form a line of defence from Colchester to Sudbury against a potential German invasion.

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