Notes on Essex Churches Abberton to Buttsbury

Some highlights...
St Peters Chapel, Bradwell
St Peter's Chapel

This portfolio of church photos includes the 12th century ruin at Arlesford near Colchester, the 14th century round tower of Barfield Saling Church and the Norman tower of Broomfield (two of only six with round towers in Essex), and the original medieval timber in the wooden bell tower of the Priory Church of St Laurence at Blackmore.

This section also includes two very contrasting sites of religious worship. St Peter's Chapel at Bradwell was built in 654 AD by St Cedd and is humble and austere. St Cedd was originally from the monastery at Lindisfarne, famously pillaged by the Vikings in 793 AD. St Mary's Church in Bocking is very different - a huge church for a small but prosperous village. The origins of the church have some links with Viking raids too - the owner of this land, the Saxon lord Aetheric donated his lands to the church after he narrowly escaped with his life after being defeated by the Vikings in the Battle of Maldon 991.