Bradwell-juxta-Mare's history is visible in the landscape. The Saxon church of St Peter, the coastal defences protecting reclaimed land, and the decommissioned nuclear power station, have each in turn defined this part of Essex.

Notes on Bradwell

A place of spiritual and temporal power
Bradwell-juxta-Mare - St Peter-on-the-Wall  Coastal path on the Dengie Peninsula. In the distance - St Peter's Chapel, Bradwell, Essex, built in 654 AD by St Cedd of Lindisfarne. : Bradwell, Bradwell-on-Sea, coast, Essex, St Peters, Chapel
1 Bradwell-juxta-Mare - St Peter-on-the-Wall
Concrete Barges  A row of barges sunk offshore on the north-east of the Dengie Peninsula to protect the saltmarsh and seawall from erosion. : Bradwell, Bradwell-on-Sea, coast, Essex, seawall, barges, Dengie
2 Concrete Barges
Bradwell Nuclear Power Station : Bradwell, Bradwell-on-Sea, coast, Essex, seawall, nuclear, power
3 Bradwell Nuclear Power Station
St Peter's Flat, Bradwell : Bradwell, Bradwell-on-Sea, coast, sea, St.Peter
4 St Peter's Flat, Bradwell