Epping Forest

First afforested in the 13th century during the reign of Henry III, Epping Forest has hardly changed since. Ancient trees, magical glades, and wildlife right in the heart of East London.

Notes on Epping Forest

Nature fashioned by Man
Pollarded trees, Epping Forest  Beech pollards in Epping Forest are between 200 - 400 years old. : Epping, Forest, Essex, trees, pollard
1 Pollarded trees, Epping Forest
Loughton Camp, Epping Forest  Loughton Camp Hillfort is an Iron Age earthwork built around 500 BC. Used as animal folds in times of attack from another tribe or as look out posts and boundary markers between the Trinovantes and the Catevellauni tribes. In use until after the Roman invasions. : Epping, Forest, Essex, trees, Loughton, Boudica, hillfort
2 Loughton Camp, Epping Forest
Beech Coppice, Epping Forest  Ancient tree near the Lost Pond, Epping Forest. Without man's intervention over centuries, the tree would be dead by now. : Epping, Forest, Essex, trees, beech, coppice
3 Beech Coppice, Epping Forest