With a reputation as an exclusive Essex resort, Frinton retains an atmosphere of the 1920/30's. The coastal hamlet was developed as a seaside resort quite recently and has an air of gentility even today, proud of its peaceful seafront without intrusive arcades, tacky novelty shops and candy-floss.

Notes on Frinton-on-Sea

Pre-war Modernism
Frinton-on-Sea - Walking in the Sand  (Remember) : Frinton, Essex, Sea, seaside
1 Frinton-on-Sea - Walking in the Sand
Cliff Way, Frinton-on-Sea : Frinton, Essex, Sea, seaside, art deco, architecture
2 Cliff Way, Frinton-on-Sea
Frinton-on-Sea - Groynes : Frinton, Essex, Sea, seaside, groynes
3 Frinton-on-Sea - Groynes
Frinton-on-Sea - Beach : Frinton, Essex, Sea, seaside
4 Frinton-on-Sea - Beach
Seaspan, Audley Way, Frinton-on-Sea  Modernist architecture by Oliver Hill, 1934. : Frinton, Essex, Sea, seaside, architecture, modernist
5 Seaspan, Audley Way, Frinton-on-Sea
Frinton-on-Sea - View South : Frinton, seaside, coast, beach, Essex
6 Frinton-on-Sea - View South