The main street of Old Leigh is lined with cafés, a gallery, a pottery studio, cockle sheds, a couple of restaurants and plenty of pubs where you can have a drink and watch the yachts and cockle boats cruising along the estuary. The beaches are sandy - but beware the mud.

Notes on Leigh-on-Sea

An historic fishing port
Low tide: Leigh-on-Sea : Leigh-on-Sea, boats, fishing
1 Low tide: Leigh-on-Sea
Groynes: Leigh-on-Sea : Leigh-on-Sea, boats, fishing
2 Groynes: Leigh-on-Sea
Boats: Leigh on Sea : Leigh-on-Sea, boats, fishing, Essex
3 Boats: Leigh on Sea
Railway Bridge: Leigh-on-Sea : Leigh-on-Sea, bridge, beach
4 Railway Bridge: Leigh-on-Sea
High Street: Leigh-on-Sea : Leigh-on-Sea, boats, fishing
5 High Street: Leigh-on-Sea
Rising Tide (1): Leigh-on-Sea  Time: 15.26 : Leigh-on-Sea, boats, fishing, low-tide
6 Rising Tide (1): Leigh-on-Sea
Rising Tide (2): Leigh-on-Sea  Time: 16:39 : Leigh-on-Sea, boats, fishing
7 Rising Tide (2): Leigh-on-Sea
Rising Tide (3): Leigh-on-Sea  Time: 17.26 : Leigh-on-Sea, boats, fishing, tide
8 Rising Tide (3): Leigh-on-Sea
Liberator, Leigh-on-Sea  Deal Bros, operate the Liberator cockle boat from Leigh on Sea. : Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, boat, fishing, channel, shellfish, cockle
9 Liberator, Leigh-on-Sea