Weir : water, waterfall, reflection
1 Weir
Falling off the Edge of the World : water, waterfall, reflection, weir
2 Falling off the Edge of the World
3 Degrees of Entropy : water, waterfall, reflection, weir
3 3 Degrees of Entropy
Bronzed Beach, West Mersea : Mersea, Essex, beach
4 Bronzed Beach, West Mersea
Churchyard Oak  Shadows on oak bark : bark, oak
5 Churchyard Oak
Merrymeade Texture  Birch bark : Birch, bark, tree
6 Merrymeade Texture
Birch Bark : Birch, bark
7 Birch Bark
Escape  Near Bedfords Park, Essex : Essex, rural, countryside, brick, wall, ivy
8 Escape
Blackthorn Blossom : blackthorn, hedge, blossom, spring
9 Blackthorn Blossom
Inverse Decor  This reminded me of the silvery bubbles that get stuck to things underwater. But these are not spheres of air surrounded by water, they are the opposite - spheres of water surrounded by air, stuck to the seedheads of marsh grass. (with the photo inverted) : droplets, water, condensation, plant
10 Inverse Decor
Condensation : droplets, water, condensation, plant
11 Condensation
Marsh Grass  In the fog rolling off the Thames Estuary. : fog, marsh, droplets
12 Marsh Grass
Alice's Ectoplasm  Strange substance seen covering Grace’s Walk, Danbury.   'Graces' was the home of Sir Henry Mildmay who married Alice Harris (1588-1615). After 6 years of marriage, Alice drowned herself in Sandon Brook near here because her husband "was unkind to her", and ever since her ghost has haunted the area. : Grace's Walk, ectoplasm, ghost, seed
13 Alice's Ectoplasm
Visitation  The Holy Cross Church, Basildon. : Holy Cross, Church, Basildon, Essex
14 Visitation
Thorndon Leaves  Ash, Thorndon Country Park, Brentwood, Essex : tree, Essex, leaves, Thorndon, UK
15 Thorndon Leaves
Autumn Canopy  Thorndon Country Park, Brentwood,Essex : leaves, tree, forest, Essex
16 Autumn Canopy
Thorndon Park Oak : Essex, Oak, tree, Thorndon, UK
17 Thorndon Park Oak
Sweet Chestnut :, UK Essex Fungi Swan Wood
18 Sweet Chestnut
Apres le storm: Lichen Storm  Satellite view of St Jude storm in tree lichen. Thorndon Country Park, Brentwood : Essex, Fungi, Thorndon, UK
19 Apres le storm: Lichen Storm
Lively Ivy  Seen at St Peter's Church, Nevendon, Essex : ivy, flowers
20 Lively Ivy
Hedera helix  Seen at St Peter's Church, Nevendon, Essex : ivy, flowers
21 Hedera helix
Shades of Green  The creek bed near Little Wakering, Essex : creek, algae, lichen, estuary, Little Wakering, Essex
22 Shades of Green
Oak : Oak, wood, texture
23 Oak
Cotoneaster at St Nicholas' Church : red, berries, cotoneaster
24 Cotoneaster at St Nicholas' Church
Anthocyanin : red, leaves, cotoneaster, anthocyanin
25 Anthocyanin
Romanesco Cauliflower (1)  Aesthetic edible : Romanesco, cauliflower
26 Romanesco Cauliflower (1)
Romanesco Cauliflower (2)  Phyllotaxis: naturally occurring Fibonacci sequences. : Romanesco, Cauliflower
27 Romanesco Cauliflower (2)
Romanesco Cauliflower (3)  The geometrical properties of cauliflower-like structures are at the boundary between disorder and fractality, between self-affinity and self-similarity. Discuss. : Romanesco, cauliflower
28 Romanesco Cauliflower (3)
Antirrhinum Seedlings : macro, seedlings, droplets
29 Antirrhinum Seedlings
Autumnal Hydrangea : Hydrangea
30 Autumnal Hydrangea
Faded glory : Hydrangea
31 Faded glory
Hydrangea (Detail) : Hydrangea
32 Hydrangea (Detail)
Amaryllis Minerva : Amaryllis, flower
33 Amaryllis Minerva
Amaryllis Minerva : flower, Amaryllis
34 Amaryllis Minerva
Amaryllis Minerva : flower, Amaryllis
35 Amaryllis Minerva
Amaryllis Minerva : flower, Amaryllis
36 Amaryllis Minerva
Amaryllis Minerva : stamen, flower, Amaryllis
37 Amaryllis Minerva
Willow on Water  An oldie but a favourite. Fallen willow leaves on a pond near Ingatestone, Essex. : willow, leaves, afloat
38 Willow on Water